RFID Blocking RealTree Camouflage Trifold Wallet for Men

RFID Blocking RealTree Camouflage Trifold Wallet for Men

$19.99 $14.95

RFID Blocking Leather Tri-fold Camo Wallet for men.


This RFID Blocking Camouflage trifold Wallet for men is designed to block RFID readers from scanning your cards. The unique technology used in it’s construction, keeps your debit cards, credit cards, hotel key cards and employee identification cards personal information secure. The lightweight, modern design of this wallet, makes it an unassuming tool in the fight against ID theft.

Men’s Genuine Leather Trifold RFID wallets have become very popular because of their utility and protection. This wallet will protect your credit cards and personal identification from signal threats.

100% Genuine Leather with a RFID Signal Blocking Alloy Mesh Liner


With its very reasonable price, this RFID Blocking Men’s leather trifold Camouflage RealTree Black Mens  wallet is definitely one of the best investments that you can give yourself and your loved ones. Not only is it durable and stylish, but more importantly, it keeps your personal information secure


  • Our RFID-Blocking Wallet is designed to block RFID readers from stealing your personal information, safeguarding your bank account while keeping your essential credit cards close.
  • Built to last with genuine leather, because we do not want you to keep changing wallets every six months. Our RFID Blocking Men’s Leather Wallet is an excellent replacement for your old, worn out wallet!
  • We are taking the fight against ID Theft right to the doorstep of hackers, denying them unauthorized access to our personal information with the help of a RFID Signal Blocking Alloy Mesh / Copper Nickel Coating.
  • Priced moderately so that everyone can afford it, this RFID Trifold Blocking Wallet is absolutely the last line of defense to protect yourself and your loved ones from modern day thievery.
  • Stylish because we know you need to flaunt it and get compliments from your family and friends


  • Durable Camouflage Canvas
  • RFID Signal Blocking Alloy Liner
  • 6 Credit Card Slots
  • Top Flap
  • 6 Page Plastic Insert
  • ID Windows
  • Two Money Compartment

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Weight 4 oz