RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves

RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves


DuPont/Tyvek RFID Blocking sleeves with ArmorShield technology that has been tested and FIPS 201 Approved.

  • 5 RFID Blocking Sleeves $4.99
  • 10 RFID Blocking Sleeves $7.99 – ON Sale $6.99


Our RFID blocking credit card size sleeves protect your cards against electronic skimming or scanning of your cards information. Also known as contact-less identity theft, RFID skimming, electronic pick pocketing and wireless identity theft.

Using our tested and proven RFID blocking sleeves for all your cards will prevent skimmers and scanners from gaining access to your card’s information.


  • Blocks RFID Signals
  • Tyvek Sleeve by DuPont
  • Alloy material interior coating by ArmorShield
  • Abrasion, moisture and static resistant
  • Prevents wear of credit card and magnetic strip
  • Puncture, Rip and Tear resistant
  • Open-ended & thumb-cut for easy access to card
  • Electromagnetically Opaque

RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves

RFID Blocking Sleeves work for all types of cards. They will protect your Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Card, Drivers License, Electronic Card, Bank Card and Security Card. Furthermore, it also protects your Key Card, Smart Card, Employee ID, Visa PayWave, MasterCard PayPass, American Express ExpressPay, Discover Zip and Gift Card.

Even if your credit cards don’t have an RFID chip embedded in them, our sleeve will also protect your credit cards from damage and ware, therefore, they will last longer.

tyvek rfid sleeve with armorshield alloy

DuPont Tyvek: Is the strongest sleeve material available in the market. DuPont material is also so strong that people use it to wrap homes for protection. In addition, its also used as a vapor barrier.

ArmorShield: Is an alloy based material coating that shields RFID waves, while also being FIPS 201 approved by the US Government as an Electromagnetically Opaque Shield. View Approval Letter

FIPS 201 approved sleeves

RFID Blocking Sleeves with ArmorShield Protection

Fits one standard credit card per sleeve.

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